Kraze 1.0

Original 3D racing

Kraze is a 3D racing game on Java. View full description


  • Good handling
  • Solid gameplay


  • Visuals look dated


Kraze is a 3D racing game on Java.

Complete with single player and multiplayer modes, Kraze is an arcade racing game that uses 3D polygonal graphics. The visuals of the game are both impressive, but simplistic. The models of the cars and environment are complete, but they do not have finer details.

Driving in Kraze is easy when using the number pad and the game contains responsive handling. The single player includes quick play and career while the multiplayer allows for racing over Bluetooth on different courses and race modes.

While simple, Kraze does have interesting elements for a surprisingly solid racing game. It might not look amazing, but the ease of playing is great for the genre.

Kraze is a solid racing game that casual racers can enjoy.



Kraze 1.0

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